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Oatworthy is a true minimalist.

Oatworthy is a brand new kind of oat beverage that’s creamy, delicious, nutritious, and shelf-stable.

This convenient and lactose-free product is extremely versatile. It can be enjoyed on its own (just add hot or cold water!) or in smoothies, your morning coffee, baking, cooking, and so much more.

Oatworthy is a true minimalist, appreciated most by the conscious consumer who prioritizes personal health, Planet Earth, and high quality plant-based food products.

Because this innovative and delectable oat beverage comes in a powder, it is lightweight and requires no refrigeration or water during shipping, which equals lower emissions. Combine that with eco-friendly packaging (we say no to Tetra Paks!), Oatworthy is one of the most environmentally-sustainable plant-based beverages to hit the market.

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