Mission & Vision

Seriously committed to the good stuff.

Our Mission

To provide delicious, nutritious, and versatile plant-based products that consumers from all over the world can enjoy, while feeling good about our commitment to the environment, the animals, and our own personal health.

We are also on a mission to provide education on environmental issues, climate change, and the benefits of plant-based eating. We do our part for the causes we care about by thinking locally and acting globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have an internationally recognized and successful line of delicious and versatile plant-based products that become the #1 choice for conscious consumers worldwide.

Here at Oatworthy, we strongly believe in activism through people’s stomachs, and and our vision is to give back to the causes we hold dear. We will be dedicating 1% for the planet with hopes to increase this percentage as we grow.

Simply indispensible in any conscious kitchen.

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