Oatworthy pouch

Small batch oats made only with the good stuff.

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Oatworthy is a true minimalist.

About us
oat powder
Oatworthy oat milk in iced drink

it’s delicious.
it’s convenient.
it’s packable.
it’s healthy.
it’s vegan.

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Oatworthy cup

Hey, you!

Nice job. It’s really cool of you to be adventurous and try something new like Oatworthy.

You won’t regret it! Sure, we’re a little different — we’re a powder. This makes us perfect for enjoying at your place or on top of a mountain. It’s plant-based, light-weight, and versatile.

So go ahead and try a big glass of it, in your cereal, in your smoothie, or in your morning cup of coffee.

Here’s to you, new friend. We hope you enjoy Oatworthy as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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