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Where can I buy it?

Oatworthy is available online through our official website.

Please check back soon to see what other online outlets and retail locations carry Oatworthy.

What can Oatworthy make?

Oatworthy is perfect for adding to your smoothie, your baking, and your favourite dishes.

We will be adding lots of recipes as they become available for more inspiration.

How do I enjoy Oatworthy?

Simply combine 2 scoops (14g per scoop) of Oatworthy and 225 mL of cold water, stir, and enjoy!

How do I add Oatworthy to my morning coffee?

When adding Oatworthy to your black coffee, hydrate Oatworthy first (add water to Oatworthy and stir well) and then add liquid Oatworthy to your coffee.

You can also froth liquid Oatworthy and make a latte, cappuccino, or cortado.

Why is it a powder?

We decided to create a powder for versatility, shelf stability, and novelty. You can enjoy Oatworthy at home or while hiking or camping in the great outdoors. Oatworthy makes the perfect companion for any outdoor activity and it’s lightweight so you can take it anywhere!

How long will I keep it in my pantry?

Up to 12 months.

How does oat milk compare to other milk?

Compared to traditional liquid milks, Oatworthy lasts a lot longer in your pantry (up to a year). It is lightweight and convenient, so you can easily take it outdoors or on vacation.

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